Restaurant Review – Avocado Vegan Bistro

Located in Gdansk, Poland are several vegan restaurants, bistro’s and café’s. I haven’t tried all of them (but I love them already) and I probably won’t have time to BUT one bistro I visited yesterday (see title) is the Avocado Vegan Bistro. There are, if I understand correctly, 3 different Avocado bistro’s. We visited one that was about 20 minutes away from the old town with cab. And let me just tell you – it was worth it. 

Oh my vegan God. 

The food there was amazing! And so cheap!

  • Level of cosiness – 4/5
  • Location – 3/5
  • Selection of different food – 4/5 only because they were out of the vegan burgers.
  • Price – 5/5
  • Taste – 5/5
  • The staff – 5/5. They were friendly and helpful and completely fine with us bringing our dog. They even gave him a bowl of water when asked. Awesome.

Final score : 26/30 

I would totally go there again and recommend it to anyone and everyone! Awesome place, awesome food and in general just great. 

Have you been there? Let me know what you think! 

Love// Bella


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