How veganism has helped me

I’ve always been big and it has rarely bothered me (it has bothered others though, but that is a completely different topic). I saw myself as healthy – I worked out and I ate what society perseved as healthy. Lean meat, low fat dairy products etc. Despite that, I couldn’t lose weight and I never understood why. Or, I should say, I could never keep the weight off. I lost 5 kg in two weeks and then gained 7 back. It was very stressfull, and it didn’t help that people close to me were obsessed with my weight.

In november 2014 I started with a form birth control, a stick in the arm called a nexplanon stick. I gained 17 kg (37,5 lbs) with that and took it out less than a year later. I was now 17 kg heavier and I couldn’t lose it for the life of me. Let’s just say that I was very displeased.

January 19th, a tuesday, this year I switched to a vegan diet. I had no knowledge about anything related to animal rights, animal cruelty, health reason, environmental reason etc. I just got a strong feeling that I need to stop eating meat and dairy products. I need to.

So I did. And in just a few days I felt so much better. I had more energy, I was happier and I felt more motivated to do things. Slowly  – but surely – I started losing weight. It has been a long process, which is a good thing. I feel healthy for the first time, really healthy. Like, all aspects of health. I feel like I’ve found a sustainable way to lose weight, I am not gaining it all back and more and I can always feel full. Before I went vegan I was constantly hungry. I’ve lost about 10 kg since becoming vegan. It might not seem like a lot but it is a big change from before. I am not afraid of screwing up my metabolism anymore or going on some crazy diet and losing weight (I ate  <1000 kcal a day for A MONTH + a lot of training and lost only 2 kg before I went vegan) just to gain it all back and feel weak because I couldn’t make it.

I don’t know if you can see a difference, but this picture was taken just a few days after becoming vegan:


And this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, so I was 10 kg heavier on the first picture:


As time went by I have, of course, educated myself and become aware of animal cruelty and all of that, but when I went vegan, I didn’t know.

I just wanted to share my short story about how veganism has helped me in life. If anyone of you feel like telling me your story, please leave a comment below. I would love to read about it!

Much love! // Bella


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