Not so crispy carrot fries

So I tried to make carrot fries in the oven yesterday, and whilst the taste was superb, the crispness was not. I did everything o was supposed to do, I had them in cold water for over an hour and coated them in oil and everything.

So is there any fry-master out there willing to tell me what went wrong? 

  1. Peel and slice the carrots 
  2. Soak the carrots in cold water for an hour 
  3. Pat them dry
  4. Coat them in oil,onion powder and salt
  5. Bake in the oven in 250°C until they’re golden (30 minutes or something like that). They never became crisp, so I guess the problem was the water? Not long enough perhaps? 

Anyways, they were still really amazing in flavor so if anyone is interested I used 1 kg carrots, 2 tbsp oil, salt and onionpowder to taste.


5 thoughts on “Not so crispy carrot fries

  1. theinternationalveggie

    Im not a fry master 🙂 but does the recipe say the will get fluffy in the middle like a potato? I think the nature of carrots would dictate that they would become soft in the middle, almost gushy. I think this method would work with a veggie like yucca or potato. 🙂


  2. theinternationalveggie

    Oh but usually if u want to oven fry a veggie, u have to cook it at two temperatures; one lower temp to cook thru and one higher temp for a shorter period of time to crisp the outside. It will be easier with at least a little spray of some kind of oil. I dunno if that helps.


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