Animals as decoration

I am currently in Poland with my family (hence the lack of posts lately) and a fee nights ago we went to a restaurant to eat dinner. It wasn’t a vegan or vegetarian restaurant and they didn’t have a vegan meal on the menu, but they made a nice plate of grilled veggies and potatoes for me, which tasted nice. I would have really enjoyed my time there if it wasn’t for the snake they had in the restaurant.

A huge snake, stuck in this tiny aquarium with barely enough space to move around and certainly not enough space to be comfortable. Carl (I named him Carl) just lied there, sad and bored with nothing to do. Now, I hate snakes and am pretty sure they are the spawn of satan(spiders too!) but that is besides the point. No animal should be kept like this, in a environment so different from its normal habitat. I felt sorry for Carl.

If you have any thoughts on this subject comment and let me know what you think! 

// Bella 


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