Let’s talk: Casseroles

Oh, I just cant help it. I love casseroles so much. SO MUCH! 

The perfect thing with casseroles in general is that they’re so easy to do and you can use whichever vegetables and spices that you favor and/or have at home. You can eat it with rice, pasta, bulgur, potatoes, quinoa, salad or what ever you prefer. 

I like the spice combination of garlic, curry, tomato paste, nutritional yeast  and paprika powder. You honestly can’t go bad with that combo. It’s impossible.

Vegetable wise onions, mushrooms, califlower, zucchini, carrots and chickpeas are always good and affordable – especially if you buy dry chickpeas.

I could make 100000 different casseroles with different vegetables and make each and everyone of them both vegan and delicious. No matter how much you love meat – there is a vegan casserole out there for you and it will make you question why you thought you needed meat in the first place.

Much  love! // Bella


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