Vegan kids? 

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about is how I will do when I have children. Veganism, albeit how right I think it is, is still considered “weird” or “extreme” (but come on! How extreme is it to eat plants???) in our society and if my children are vegan they will always be the kids who can’t eat at their friends home, who has to get the special food in school (in Sweden both school and the food is free until university where food isn’t included) and will perhaps both get questioned and teased by their classmates. Do I wish that for my kids? Of course not. 

At the same time, I don’t want them to eat animal products that isn’t helping them nor the planet at all. So what should I do? Let my kids eat “normal” food in school and at friends houses and serve vegan food at home OR not let them eat anything that comes from animals from the beginning. I don’t know…

Anyone here with kids who can tell me what you do? I would appreciate it because I want to do right, both by the animals and my unborn, hypothetical child.


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