Snack time – Popcorn

I love, love, love snacks and especially salty ones at that.

Chips, which seems to be everyones favorite salty treat, is great for a moment but then turns into a ball of dough and heaviness in my body. I can just feel how unhealthy it was. I like when I can finish a plate, feel full but feel healthy and energized rather than tired and yucky.

Vegetables are great together with some hummus but when I come home from a long bike ride and my legs are tired and my brain is mush and all I want is to eat something salt to make up for the salt loss from sweating, I am too tired to start preparing anything that takes even the slightest amount of effort.

That is when my popcorn machine comes in handy. Popcorn is great, naturally low in fat and cholesterol (if you don’t drown it in oil of course) and contains both fiber and protein as well as some iron.

Lately I have been craving cheesy things – all things cheese, I like. So for my popcorn I like to coat them in a tiny bit of olive oil once they’re popped and then have salt, white pepper, onion powder and nutritional yeast. It is such an easy, delicious and actually healthy snack that satisfies my cravings and needs after a long day.20160628_20005520160628_200101

What kind of snack is your favorite?

Much Love // Bella



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