Fresh fruit, fresh skin

Hello and good morning! Lately I’ve been obsessed with starting my day with a big biiiiiig plate of fresh fruit. I find that it keeps me energised, fresh and happy throughout the day. I have also noticed that my skin glows and looks so, so healthy lately and I think its connected to my fruitiness.


As I’m writing this I’m devouring one pinapple, 2 mangoes and one mini cantaloupe; with a total of 578 calories – a perfect start to the morning! I know a lot of vegan talk about abundance and not calorie restricting but I like to keep my calorie intake to around 2000 kcal a day – sometimes it is a little more and sometimes a little less, I’m not super strict.

What do you think about calorie restrictions? Also, what do you usually eat for breakfast?

Have a great day and I’ll write to you guys later!  //Bella


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