Buddha Bowl – Bella Version

So yesterday I felt like making a Buddha Bowl, or hippie bowl as it’s also known as, for lunch. I figured I’d take you with me in the process and let you know what and how I did it. The end result was AMAZING and I’ll definitely do this again and have fun with different toppings and bases.

Normally the Buddha bowl is made with rice/quinoa/couscous as a base and then a mixture of fresh and cooked vegetables on top. Some also add a dressing or a sauce to it to give it more flavor.  We didn’t have any quinoa nor couscous at home and I’ve never been a fan of plain rice, so I decided to make a risotto base instead.

This is what I used:


I started with the risotto as it took the longest to do. For a risotto base all your need is rice, onion, vegetable stock and white wine, however that’s optional.

Step one is to dice half of the onion. If you’re doing risotto the traditional way you’re supposed to have another skillet with vegetable stock but since I was lazy and hungry and wanted to speed up the process I added the buljon straight to the onions. image

  • Step two is to sauté the onions slightly in a medium sized skillet and then add the rice and fry that gently as well.imageimage
  • Keep the stove on medium heat and add water occasionally – don’t forget to stir! image

Whilst the the risotto was boiling I put the oven to 200 degrees Celsius//392 degrees Fahrenheit and prepared the rest of the ingredients.

  • I rinsed chickpeas and roasted them in a pan together with garlic powder, salt and curryimage
  • Together with the other half of the onion I fried black beans together with three big cloves of fresh garlic and salt. Man, I love garlic. image
  • I diced potatoes and a humongous carrot (I’m not going to write what I’m thinking – this is a respectful blog) and baked it in the oven with salt, pepper and garlic powder.
  • I also sliced some radish, boiled beets and avocado. Life is guuuud. image


Here is the final result. I dare say that this was one of the most delicious dishes I’ve tried. Simple, yet full of favors, different textures and as always cruelty free.


You guys should definitely  try it yourselves!

Love // Bella


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