Restaurant Review #1

Hi people! Welcome to a new section in my blog called Restaurant Review. Can you guess what it is? Oh wow, you’re so smart, that’s completely right! I will indeed be reviewing restaurants and more precisely restaurants with vegan options. Whenever I visit a new city I will scout for vegan/vegetarian restaurant and see if they’re any good.

I will base my judgment on 7 different segments, each one with a total rating of 1 – 5:

  1. Location – is it located in a nice area/ close to centrum etc.
  2. Service – are they friendly, willing to go “the extra mile”?
  3. The level of cosiness – how nice is it to sit in the restaurant? Does it feel like you could stay there all day or is it boring and cold?
  4. Presentation – how is the food presented?
  5. Price – Is the price reasonable given the fancyness of the place and what I ordered?
  6. Supply – How many dishes are vegan or possible to make vegan?
  7. Taste – This explains itself

I will also take in account if the restaurant is considered Fancy or Low Key and that will determine how I view it. So lets begin!

The first restaurant I will be reviewing is called Vege Park and is located in Bydgoszcz, Poland.SAM_4358


This is what the restaurant looks like from the outside. Pretty, clean and fresh and so far we are off to a good start. It is surrounded with other restaurants, flowers and beautiful houses. I went here with my sister, so she will also be rating her experience. Lets continue!

The inside of the restaurant was clean but a little boring in my opinion and felt a little too austere. It was nice, however, that they had vegan cookbooks lying around. It was all in polish, so I didn’t understand anything, but it is a nice gesture.

The menu was in polish but they were very nice and brought out a smaller version of the menu in english for us to look at. Plus point for that!

Given the name of the restaurant, I was expecting more burger options than 2 and less of the other things – soups, cutlets (not sure if it was meat or a vegan/vegetarian version but I think they were vegetable based), etc. They also didn’t serve fries with the burgers, which felt a little odd. We ended up ordering burger nr 1, the “Jamajka”. As you can see, the burger cost 17 zl, which is equivalent to 4 euro/4.5 USD. Not that expensive, but not super duper ultra cheap.


Although the burger itself looks tasty, the fact that it came on a paper plate with plastic cutlery lowered the rating for me drastically. It also looks a little boring or unfinished since there is no side dish.


The patty was made out of beans and spices I have never tried in a burger. To accompany it they had kale, carrot and a mayonnaise sauce which they promised was 100% vegan.

The taste was really good and it felt very typically polish. However, it tasted more like a sandwich than a burger, with the different spices and no fries.


My rating: 5
Fias rating: 5

My rating: 5
Fias rating: 5

The level of cosiness
My rating: 3
Fias rating: 3

My rating: 3.5
Fias rating: 3

My rating: 4.5
Fias rating: 5

My rating: 4
Fias rating: 4.5

My rating: 5
Fias rating: 4

That was it! if you’re ever in Bydgoszcz, check out the restaurant and let me know if you agree with my rating or not.

Have a nice day! // Bella



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