My Easter food

So this was my first Easter celebration as a vegan and I did not think much about it – until Thursday when I woke up in panic because I didn’t know what to bring with me to the family gathering. Silly? Definitely. Anyways, I ended up bringing with me a three course meal that included:

  1. Avocado and/or crackers with vegan “Skagen mixture”, a popular Scandinavian dish which includes seafood, caviar, creme fraise etc etc. As a substitute I used tofu, lots of veggies and black caviar made from seaweed. Nom nom.
  1. Pasta sallad with pulled Oumph (made from soybeans) with lots of yummy spices, vegan mayo sun dried tomatoes and sweet corn. It was not very Easter-y but very yummy.
  1. For dessert I brought a peanut-chocolate-something goodness that I came up with in the grocery store. It was a huge success and together with my best friend who celebrated Easter with us, we took photos of the complete process step-by-step to show you guys, which will be in the next post. You are welcome. If you want full recipes for the Easter food I made, comment below and I will make it happen!

Love // Bella


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